FHIR Online Training

This FHIR Certification training is completely hands-on and developed in a way to help you to become an FHIR specialist.

All the learners, who are interested to learn FHIR Online Course, are welcome. Although there are no such special must-have prerequisites, the below skills are a plus for understanding this course faster.

  • Knowledge about JSON, XML
  • Basics of REST services and API’s

FHIR Course Overview

This course is for FHIR programmers, interface developers and dedicated Implementers and is
designed to provide the skills for the analysis testing, problem tracking and activation of phases of a
FHIR project. Attendees will learn FHIR design, message formatting rules, data types, enhanced
acknowledgement rules, identifiers. Course work includes hands-on exercises.
On completion of this course, attendees will have gained a deep understanding of the FHIR standard
processes and practices, with the ability to effectively read, understand, analyse, design, develop,
market and test FHIR resources.

FHIR Course Modules

Session – Introduction to FHIR – 1 hour
Session – FHIR Resources – 2 hours
Session – REST Services & other Paradigms of FHIR – 2 hours
Session – Other Resource structure and workflows – 2 hours
Session – Data Types – 1 hour
Session – Terminology – 1 hour
Session – Mirth and V2 to FHIR Conversions – 5 hours
Session – Conformance and Profiling – 2 hours
Session – Preparation for certification – 1 hour

Content Coming Soon

Content Coming Soon

What Our Learners Have to Say

Extremely knowledgeable trainer with great skills to communicate and teach technical and non-technical aspects of HL7. Highly recommend!

Danielle Fulton (LinkedIn)

Dickson is a remarkable trainer. He is very knowledgeable, driven , punctual and available. I am very impressed with his HL7 material , his delivery and curriculum. I highly recommend his training program to anyone out there interested in preparing for the HL7 certification and embark on the Healthcare IT journey. I have participated in his training session of April 2021 and he has ensured a great experience throughout the entire month of training. Thank you, Dickson

Myriam Christian (LinkedIn)

I had attended Dickson’s session on HL7. He has good knowledge of HL7, FHIR. He took practical examples and explained the real-world scenarios and issues faced in HL7 Integration. The sessions were hands-on and he handled topics from basic messages to Interface engine integration very well. The sessions he handled were very good and informative.

Mukund Kulkarni (LinkedIn)

Dickson has a lot of experience in the healthcare domain. Good point is that he has a lot of practical stuff to showcase his capabilities. He has been providing great solutions to the healthcare interoperability problems. His turnaround time is pretty fast. His scripting skills are unmatched.

Sahil Khanna (LinkedIn)